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High Performance Leadership

Facilitator: Shelly McElroy and Damien Hill

September to December 2021


Leading Teams develops high performing teams.

Our expertly trained team deliver our Performance Improvement Program to a range of organisations, across all industries, Australia-wide.

Our clients include corporations, elite sports teams, government departments and educational institutions.

Our expertise is focused on improving teams; we specialise in culture change, leadership and team development programs.

We believe that we can help ‘Any Given Team’ to become high performing.



The High Performance Leadership program uses Leading Teams models of leadership and team development to equip participants with the understanding and practical tools required to be a high performing leader within their organisation.


This program is suitable for individuals that wish to develop their leadership skills in a supportive yet challenging environment.


The High Performance Leadership program comprises five sessions of interactive workshops, delivered over a 4 month period with approximately 3-4 weeks between sessions.

The delivery of the program is flexible, with sessions tailored to address the specific needs of the participants.

Day 1

9am - 2pm

Friday the 10th of September

Day 2

9am - 2pm

Wednesday the 29th of September

Day 3

9am - 2pm

Friday the 29th of October

Day 4

9am - 2pm

Friday the 19th of November

Day 5

9am - 2pm

Wednesday the 15th of December


High Performance Leadership is a program of practical and experiential learning, delivered by Leading Teams’ expert facilitators.

As well as offering a learning opportunity, the program creates a forum for the discussion of leadership and the creation of peer networks among the group. Participants will reflect on their individual leadership practice to identify areas for development. They will have the opportunity to apply the tools and models to their leadership practice between sessions and discuss the outcomes at the next meeting.

All sessions involve the discussion of workplace matters raised by program participants. This real-life, action-based learning approach enables the sharing of experiences and ideas between group members and fosters strong networks and relationships that will deliver genuine workplace improvement.



  • What it means to be a high performing leader?
  • Understanding your own leadership style and how it impacts team and individual performance.
  • Understanding your DiSC profile and how it links to building relationships, communicating effectively and dealing with conflict.
  • How to adapt your leadership style to suit your situation and get results.

  • Developing a team trademark.
  • The definition of culture and how to influence it.
  • The truth about your team.
  • The link between dynamics and mechanics.

  • How to set goals that drive high performance.
  • What motivates teams and individuals.
  • The impact of attitude.
  • How to influence behaviour to accelerate change within your team.

  • Understanding what strong professional relationships look like.
  • Clarifying expectations between team members.
  • The role of relationships in team success.
  • Finding time to build strong professional relationships.

  • Recognising the value of feedback and review.
  • Knowing when and how to have a genuine conversation.
  • Communicating with impact.
  • Dealing with conflict productively.

    After completing the High Performance Leadership program, each participant will:

  • Understand what it takes to be a high performing leader and how to create a high performing team.
  • Have clarity about their own leadership and decision making preferences, and how these impact on their leadership role.
  • Have defined their own personal trademark and personal action plan and be committed to implementing them.
  • Understand the role of genuine conversations in driving performance and be confident having them with their team.
  • Possess and be able to use a toolkit of strategies and practical activities to navigate the challenges of leadership and dealing with different personalities.
  • Know how to model, reward and challenge the right behaviours in their team.
  • Be a leader in the promotion of the company values and culture.
  • Understand the link between an ongoing review process and continuous improvement.
  • Possess the skills to facilitate meaningful team reviews that cover both mechanics and dynamics and support the development of self-managing teams.
  • Be committed to pro-actively shaping the future of their organisation as a leader.
  • High Performance Leadership Testimonial


    Leading Teams’ experienced facilitators understand that while ‘knowing’ about improving teams is important, knowing ‘how to’ is what delivers results.

    That’s the difference.

    Our programs are tailor-made for each client; there is no ‘one size fits all approach’.

    And at Leading Teams, we practice what we preach. We implement the Performance Improvement Program within our own team. Because of this, we consistently achieve high performance and remain leaders in our field.

    Leading Teams has been developing high performing teams and leaders for over 25 years. Today we are a team of 20 facilitators with offices across Australia, and collectively we have over 120 years of experience in the leadership development space.


    At Leading Teams we focus on dynamics, that is, the way people interact and the behaviours we model, reward and challenge.  We believe a high performing team has the following four fundamentals:

  • 1.A clear, understood and accepted common purpose
  • 2.A behavioural framework that has been developed by and agreed to by the team
  • 3.Strong professional relationships built on trust and respect
  • 4.A process for the ongoing review of our team and ourselves against the behavioural framework

  • How would you describe your team?

    If you could change one behaviour in your team, what would it be?
    Does your team use the language of blame and excuses or do they take responsibility?
    Who are the real leaders in your organisation?
    Is honest feedback given in your team?


    The HPL course has been an ideal way to connect with other leaders from around Australia in the same way as we would if it was run face to face. The relationship building that took place within the group has provided me with a safe place to share and trial my newly learned methods and ideas, and discuss challenges at work. The group has the potential to continue on as a support group to call on beyond the scope of this course and this is valuable, especially in these current uncertain times.

    The course has been well structured with good time frames, workshops and homework that has kept the energy level high throughout and participants were well engaged in the process.

    I would highly recommend the HPL course to anyone in a management position wanting to improve their leadership skills.

    Joanna Majewski

    Sales Manager, Virbac Australia


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